There are surf spots all along the coast of Morocco but the better quality (and well known) waves are found in South Morocco between Essaouira and Agadir. We are surrounded by world class waves by the coast close to us. Morocco is the dream land of righthand point breaks.

A couple of waves

  • Anchor Point: Worldclass wave. Speedy walls and provides very long rides lasting up to 500 meters on a good day.
  • Killer Point: Can be one the heaviest barreling waves in Morocco good days.
  • Draculas: A fast right-hander. Often punchy and large sets. But watch out for the rocks! The spot is named by the rocks which are shaped like vampire teeth. This spot is really close to our hostel.
  • Boilers: Our home spot. You can just have a walk down to the spot. The wave is a powerful right-hander which washes onto a strong shallow reef. Big fast walls.
  • Desert point: Often offshore wind and keep the waves clean in the most conditions. Also a long and pretty fast wave. Located a few kilometers south from the hostel.
  • Tamri: Punchy beachbreak. Picking up swell easily. Tamri is a really good option the smaller days. Located a few kilometer north from us.
  • Imsouane: One of the longest waves in morocco. Great for longboarding.


Morocco is also full of lovely foodmarkets and souks,
where you can find things you never dreamed about.